Family of brands

At Blue Ribbon Gift Store, we take pride in being part of a diverse and reputable brand family.

Our family of brands offers a wide selection of products, from candies for your sweet tooth to everyday needs, to meet all of your needs.

Browse our family of brands and discover the perfect item for you.

Anna and Sarah

Anna and Sarah is selecting and collecting the best quality natural and organic Nuts, Fruits, Seeds and Herbs from the farms all around the world, packaging them with a modern technology and bringing you by American standards with their original flavors.

The New Mall

With years of experience and a large variety of items ranging from Health & Beauty to Grocery, Home & Kitchen, Baby, Toys & Games and much more, TheNewMall is always your number one reliable online supplier.

Sarah's Candy Factory

Sarah's Candy Factory is a delicious destination for all your candy cravings - try our fluffy marshmallows, irresistible hard & soft candy, rich chocolate, and various toppings for the ultimate sweet indulgence.

Eva's Gift Universe

Eva's Gift Universe is the ultimate destination for those seeking thoughtful and unique gifts for any occasion. Offering a wide selection of curated tea boxes, candy gift trays, and gift cards, as well as many other options, this store is sure to have something special for everyone.